Elbmar Limited:  Injection Moulders & toolmakers. Est. 1973…


Elbmar’s fully equipped tooling facility enables the ‘in house’ production of mould tools. Using the latest 3D CAD-CAM. Our tools designers can work with model files including Iges, Parasolid, and Pro-e. Alternatively tools can be designed from 2D component drawings.
Click To Download Video Elbmars’ commitment to understanding fully what is required by the customer, ensures total involvement with any new projects, enabling tools to be produced on time and in the best possible format to suit anticipated production requirements.
Tools can be made in QC7 mould aluminium where volumes are low and material choices permit. Alternatively, tools can be made in fully hardened steel for medium and high volume parts or where the use of abrasive polymers such as glass filled materials are required.

Tooling progress is carefully monitored and “off tool” samples are submitted for approval prior to production.

All tools held by Elbmar are fully insured, maintained and stored without cost to the customer during the life of the product.

In Addition . All tools manufactured by Elbmar are given our lifetime guarantee whilst held at Elbmar, this means that the customer will never see:

  1. Any refurbishment costs
  2. Any repair bills
  3. Any maintenance costs

In Short. No Hassle and no bills for the life of the product